Stone cairn on the labyrinth at The Lodge at Woodloch

Christina Clinton

Christina is a certified executive coach, intuition teacher, mindfulness practitioner, and communications wayfinder known for her work with the C-Suite, entrepreneurs, and teams. She teaches an intuition course called Clear, which is available online for anyone who wants to get to know and strengthen their intuition, and in a blended-learning setting for coaches and executives. She also co-teaches The Depth Coaching Workshop, an ICF-approved course for coaches focused on executives, life transitions and personal development. Christina is a Fulbright Fellow (Egypt) and holds a Masters in International Political Economy and Development from Fordham University. She is a Certified Executive Coach by Columbia University, trained in Gestalt’s Use of Self as Coach, and also completed Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training. She is certified in The Neethling Brain Instruments Assessment that measures left and right brain thinking preferences. She regularly meditates, believes in the power of device-free moments, and is currently training to be a Master of Reiki, a traditional Japanese technique for self-awareness and stress reduction. Christina lives in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, heads to Hawaii whenever possible, and is the fairy godmother to her many nieces and nephews.
Friday, September 20th
How Stressed Do You Think You Are?
We all have our own stories of ignoring and denying stress -- mine landed me in the back of an ambulance at 33. We are so conditioned to constantly have stress in our body, mind and spirit that we have become immune to our very own knowing, signs and triggers. We'll get back to basics (using logic and intuition) and you will walk away more aware of your personal stress indicators and ideas for reducing stress and feeling energized.

Saturday, September 21st
How to Reconnect with Your Personal Purpose in Life and Work!
I know from personal experience that who we are in life sometimes isn't consistent with who we are at work and this gap causes imbalances in our mind, body and spirit. We will use intuition so you can tap into your inner wisdom and personal purpose ... and then use logic so you can take the next best step to close the gap between who you are and how you show up in life and work.