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Custom Art Gallery From Our Featured Artists

The Lodge at Woodloch is intimately aware of the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Mother Nature provides an ever-changing muse for art and inspiration. Together with Kiesendahl + Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd., comes a custom-curated art gallery hall featuring local, regional, and international artists that help magnify our philosophy of personal awakening.

Kate Manire

Kate Manire was born and raised in Rye, New York. She began making oil paintings as a Fine Arts Major at Vanderbilt University, where she created light-driven nocturnes of transient or abandoned areas of Nashville. After graduation, she studied at Columbia University’s Advanced Painting Intensive and further developed her interest in urban nocturnal scenes. In the fall of 2012, she moved to Shanghai, China. While her practice has always drawn heavily from photography, Shanghai is where she developed an interest in isolating and close-cropping images taken from her explorations, using them as a catalyst for abstraction in her work. This collaboration between photography and painting is now at the core of her practice. Upon returning to the United States, Kate entered the Master of Fine Arts program at the New York Academy of Art and graduated in May of 2017. Her recent body of work is devoted to fleeting moments of discovery guided by illumination. Her paintings, drawings and monotypes capture the ability of light to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. A landscape can become figurative; a flat wall can have depth; a dark room can be infused with joy and wonder. Kate continues to explore the limitless potential of light’s transformative power today. The artist portrays shadows that form geometrical, ghostly shapes on panels, documenting the evanescent reflections of light, freezing precious moments in time that are otherwise ephemeral and lost to us. Her work gives us the opportunity to see.
Kate’s work has been shown in numerous galleries in Nashville, Shanghai, Manhattan, and the Hudson River Valley and her work is in various private collections. Her studio is currently located in Brooklyn, New York. 
 The Orange Stripe 14x14 oil on panel

Mike Geno

Mike Geno is a Philadelphia-based artist who is known for, among various food subjects, still-life paintings of cheese which he calls “cheese portraits”. His creative connection with cheesemakers and cheesemongers has been building an archive which visually honors the artisan food producers acting as an homage to their art. Painting cheese, and other foods, helps connect his audience to a greater community with strong feelings about the food they relate to. 
Mike has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been featured in publications and television and radio interviews around the world including the New York Times, Culture Magazine, The Food Seen, Cutting the Curd, Cheese Connoisseur, Vice Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Cooking Lite, The Globe and Mail (Canada), Esquire (Spain), CBS 3-Philadelphia, and Hotellerie et Gastronomie Magazine (Switzerland) among others. 

The artist’s rendering of the color and sensuality of food provokes a Pavlovian response. One can almost taste and smell the lush cheeses, reminding us to celebrate and savor the food we eat. Beyond the wall featuring Mike’s art is the Lodge’s Tree Restaurant where the philosophy of authentic, colorful and locally sourced food compliments this sense-full exhibit. 
 Cashel Blue 10x10 oil on panel

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