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Custom Art Gallery with Featured Artists Every Season

The Lodge at Woodloch is intimately aware of the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Mother Nature provides an ever-changing muse for art and inspiration. Together with Kiesendahl + Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd., comes a custom-curated art gallery hall featuring local, regional, and international artists that help magnify our philosophy of personal awakening.

David Barnett

The work of David Barnett takes us to an intimate place of enchantment, to the kingdom of the natural world where we all belong. Unlike most traditional portraiture, hierarchy is missing from his work. Each individual wild animal is set in a gilded background, crowned with equally elevated status. The artist’s larger portraits, both whimsical, thoughtful and curious, inhabit imaginary dimensions that take unexpected turns. Although the women are central in the landscape, they are off to the side of the canvas. Humbly immersed, these human participants seem in awe of the journey. Barnett, with his hopeful, reverent vision, seems to offer us a fantasy, yet in fact he is presenting us the true, inextricably linked reality we know of so far. In this narrative the artist gently reminds us of our response ability to make sure all ends well. 

The artist says that: “Nature has a magical, mysterious, and unknowable side to it. It is deserving of our respect and reverence. It bears an intelligence we are often too arrogant to recognize. Yet, its beauty and elegance enchant us. Constantly changing and growing throughout the four seasons, the creatures and elements of Nature offer a beautiful story of balance, harmony, continuity and change. This series of paintings serves to highlight the regality of nature and its creatures, ourselves included.”

David Barnett is a painter and plant lover based in Milanville, PA near the Delaware River.  He has painted large scale murals and scenic backdrops since 2012, including a 20 story portrait of the current Pope that was displayed outside Madison Square Garden. He also painted a scenic backdrop for the ballet Harlequinade at Lincoln Center. Barnett now focuses on smaller works and commissions. He has been painting for as long as he can recall, and is inspired by the masters who came before him — Impressionists with their Asian influence, Klimt, Toulouse Lautrec, and the German artist Neo Rauch, to name a few.
 Accompanied, 36 x 36, oil and acrylic on canvas

Susan Richman

Susan Richman’s work is informed by a sense of the fleeting as well as a keen eye for color and detail. Much influenced by the work of Gerhard Richter, who layered paintings over photographic material, Richman tends to accumulate an image more than simply shoot it. Working by a process of accretion, subtraction and diffusion, she produces images that are at once abstract and very particular.

“I am an interpreter of what surrounds me and the camera is my instrument of choice. It affords me a different way of seeing and a way to uncover what is unobserved. With each new project I strive in my photographs to discover overlooked or neglected items that are unseen by people rushing through daily life, and through my focus, to create an awareness that will inspire a dialogue.”

The artist, in her Re>formation series as seen above in Hydrangea Stratum, draws our attention to life that appears suspended, preserved as in a white amber of precious perfection. In her sensual Jenga series, we discover enhanced colored blossoms floating harmoniously on a viscus stream. Petals, Butterflies, Milkweed, Bees, Jasmine and Forget-Me-Nots, all illuminated in blues, browns, pinks, greens and white traverse and meld with their liquid background. 
The artist lives in Hastings, New York, has had solo and group shows in New York, Oregon and South Carolina. 
 Pacatus Stratum, 32x32, archival pigment print

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